Beverage Catering

Espresso & Coffee

  At StoryMaker we are "Coffee People" with roots deep in the Coffee Industry!

    Our Specialty Coffee program is a perfect addition to a large event or even just a happy-hour type gathering at a corporate event.

Custom Beverage Menus don't stop at the coffee pot! We can create a specific menu tailored to your event or offer standard espresso beverages, as well as pour-over, and NITRO cold brew options.

Additionally, we also offer a pretty amazing Hot Chocolate bar. Inquire for more details!  

Custom Mocktails

StoryMaker specializes in beverages, and that means more than just coffee or cocktails.

Our commitment to providing noteworthy and memorable beverage experiences extends to non-alcoholic beverages as well, which is why each of our cocktail packages comes with a customized mocktail. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the bar at your event, whether they drink or not.

    Our mocktail bars are a perfect addition to dry weddings, high school graduation parties, baby showers, church events, youth events, or any event where alcohol is NOT on the list of "must-haves!"

Custom Cocktails

Though we have to be "Dry Hire" by our current state liquor laws, StoryMaker can help create unforgettable beverage experiences. Customized cocktail menus, premium ingredients, and unique options you won't find anywhere else.

We entered the event market as the alternative to the BORING rectangular bar with well-spirits and BASIC mixers. Our offerings are completely customizable and guaranteed to delight your guests.

We work in tandem with our clients to create the menu unique to their event.

  We work with you and your vendors every step of the way, holding tastings, consulting on the alcohol ordering, even the post-event alcohol returns when our partner vendors are used.