Our Story

Who are the StoryMakers!?

owners, Kim and Donnie in front of a brick wall

Get to know the owners.

We are Kim and Donnie Richards. We are the owners of StoryMaker Coffee•Bar.

We met back in the summer of 2001 when we were both hired on the same day to work at the same Starbucks store in West Palm Beach Florida! Coffee has been part of our love story from the first time our eyes met. We've loved coffee (and each other) ever since!

To make this long love story short, after a combined 18+ years in the specialty coffee industry and 8 years growing a different business, we decided it was time to get out on our own and back to our first love, COFFEE!

We started roasting our own coffee and we renovated this cute little vintage '56 Aljo family camper into a fully functional mobile event bar! 

          With a focus on roasting our own small batch, air roasted specialty coffee and unique beverage experiences we know we have created something truly special with StoryMaker Coffee•Bar.

We’ve spent some time at the local Food Truck rallies and special events throughout Northern Colorado getting our name out there.   But our greatest love is actually creating memorable moments for your special events!

We have so, enjoyed meeting so many of you and getting to know more of our community.

You can buy our fresh, air roasted coffee here on our website and even hire us in for your very own unique event experience your guests won’t soon forget!

If we haven’t actually met yet, please come visit us and introduce yourself!  To find out where we'll be follow us on Facebook or Instagram and search #CatchTheCamper to find us the next time we’re out and about!